The Practitioners
International Cancer Specialists

International Cancer Specialists (ICS) is an outpatient cancer care facility located in the heart of Singapore, Paragon Medical. Established in 2008 and helmed by qualified and experienced clinical and management professionals, ICS has managed the diagnosis-treatment-recovery process for hundreds of patients with all types of cancers over the years.

ICS aims to be by your side in the battle against cancer, providing competent and compassionate care by a team of qualified and experienced professionals in a safe and comfortable facility.

One Goal: Triumph Over Your Cancer

Wherever you may be on your journey, our team of specialist physicians and nurses at ICS stand ready with you to navigate the complex and often imposing world of cancer care. We offer treatment for breast, lung, colon, prostate, liver, and skin cancers, as well as other cancers. Our approach to cancer include:

– Specialized physicians and surgeons with expertise in specific tumour-types who work as a team (Medical, Radiation, and Surgical Oncology)

– Collaboration with state-of-the-art cancer care facilities designed with your convenience and continuity of care in mind (Nuclear Medicine: Diagnosis and Therapy, Minimally Invasive Robotics-Assisted Surgery)

– A specialist oncology nurse navigator to guide you and your family through the entire treatment by working closely with your physicians to coordinate your care, answering questions about your diagnosis and care plan and connecting you to beneficial support services

Operating Hours

  • Weekdays – 0830 to 1800
  • Saturday – 0830 to 1300
  • Sunday & Public Holiday – Closed
#15-01/02 6235 9005