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Digital Hearing Aid Centre

The Digital Hearing Aid Centre is one of the most established and advanced audiological centres in Singapore. For over two decades, the Digital Hearing Aid Centre has helped many people who suffer from hearing impairment (hearing loss) by providing a holistic best-practice approach in hearing assessment, evaluation, hearing loss prevention and hearing aid selection and fitting. We are patient-centred – from your listening needs, hearing loss, lifestyle and other factors, we provide the best option to help you benefit from the most advanced technology, including comprehensive counselling. We also offer highly-personalized services, including home-visits.

We work closely with doctors and Otolaryngologists (ENT surgeons) from public hospitals and in private practice to ensure that your hearing is comprehensively assessed, and to ensure that you receive the very best treatments for your hearing impairment.  For children, we also work closely with speech therapists to work out a comprehensive therapy for your child’s hearing in conjunction with his/her speech – to facilitate the best possible outcomes for your child.

Our hearing aids are from leading international hearing aids brands. Before a hearing aid is prescribed, we will do a complete and comprehensive audiological assessment to ascertain that the hearing aids will be beneficial. Upon prescription, we work closely with hearing aid manufacturers to design your hearing aid to your personal preferences and optimize it to your hearing impairment and ear anatomy.  Upon fitting, we will carefully adjust your hearing aids, over several consultancies, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Remember, ‘Your Hearing is Precious’.

Operating Hours

  • Weekdays – 1200 to 1800
  • Saturday – 1200 to 1800
  • Sunday & Public Holiday – Closed
  • Appointment preferred
#06-09 6836 4686